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Listen To What Our Patients Have To Say…

*Results may vary from person to person

“Hi! From the first time I walked into Dr Andea Shore’s office I knew I was going to recover. I suffered a pretty severe neck injury that caused me great physical pain, discomfort coupled with a great deal of anxiety and depression. Dr Shore’s bed side manner coupled with her hands-on approach to supporting my recovery are a HUGE reason why I am on track for a full recovery. Dr Shore helped me to change my movement patterns, my outlook on exercise and how to prepare properly. To say I’m satisfied with the support, the service and encouragement would be an understatement!”*

Todd Ware

“After a lifetime of dealing with neck and shoulder pain I have finally found relief. I had tried massage, chiro and acupuncture for years in past and received little result so I decided to give it a shot. Andrea diagnosed my injury quickly and helped me to resolve my pain. I noticed a vast improvement very shortly afterward with a treatment plan and exercises that i could work do on my own between sessions. She put the power in my hands and helped me to heal. Andrea has been professional, effective and up front, I highly recommend them!”*

Bill Forest

“I’ve been under the care of Dr. Shore for a few months now, treating me for shoulder, knee and lower back pain. Dr. Shore is highly knowledgeable, friendly and thorough with her work. She has a different approach from other chiropractors I’ve seen in the past. She’s effective and will take the time to explain why the pain is occurring and give you exercises to help you get back to your activities pain-free. I’ve seen significant improvements to date, especially in my running activities. I’d recommend Dr. Shore to anyone in a heartbeat.”*

Manon Virag

“Andrea is an amazing practitioner who utilizes a wide array of techniques and therapies to keep me in tip-top shape. She’s always enjoyable to work with and I leave feeling not only physically better but also more positive about my body and any injuries or issues I may be facing. I wouldn’t be able to do half the things I enjoy doing as a competitive athlete without Dr. Andrea Shore on my team!”*

Katrina Smith

“When it was first suggested to me to see a chiropractor, I didn’t know if it would be a right fit since I always thought of chiropractors as “back doctors”. My issue was with a groin strain. But I had been trying to rehab my injury for almost two years through registered massage therapy and physiotherapy and had hit a standstill. Dr. Andrea Shore fixed me in two months and has also helped reduce the risk of re-injury through exercises and education. Next time I get injured, I’m going straight to Dr. Shore first!”*

Tracey Lutz

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What We Believe…

Belief #1

It Takes Two

We believe that healing is a two-way street; that highly informed, educated patients achieve better results. That’s why our sessions don’t end when your time is up.

Our patients leave with knowledge and “homework” exercises, ensuring they feel empowered and in direct control of their healing. This two-way approach is essential for fast and full recoveries.

Belief #2

10mins Doesn’t Cut It

We believe that the typical 10 Min Chiropractic session often doesn’t cut it. We spend significant one-on-one time with every patient (1-hour initial assessment).

We ensure thorough assessments and address the root cause of your symptoms; helping to accurately diagnose and quickly resolve your pain.

Belief #3

Never Too Late

We believe that postural corrections can be made at any age no matter what the circumstances. Even those with the disposition of scoliosis, kyphosis, or lordosis can make dramatic, lasting changes to their postural imbalances. These corrections are essential to the complete resolution of pain and optimization of performance.

Our unique approach is to utilize postural analysis software to track and monitor our patient’s progress. Our patients not only feel the difference, they see the difference. This delivers further motivation to improve their habitual positions.

Belief #4

Last Resorts

We believe that imaging, pharmaceuticals, and surgeries are not always the best answer to chronic pain or acute injuries. In many circumstances, non-invasive manual therapies can produce superior results without the risk or side effects associated with the latter.

Our approach is to communicate with your medical doctor and craft a treatment plan that is in congruence with their valued opinion. We use a wide variety of modalities such as; myofascial release therapy, deep tissue systemic therapy, acupuncture, mashing technique, resistance stretching, Graston technique, joint mobilization, spinal adjustment, and functional movement therapy, to attempt resolution of your pain without risk or side effects.

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We Eliminate Pain Fast. Get Back To Living An Awesome Life, Book Online Today or Call 604-526-5196.