Holistic Nutrition

Lemon The idea of nutrition can be overwhelming for a lot of people. There are so many new products and “diets” that emerge on a continual basis it is no wonder that we can sometime feel a little lost. Our goal at Coquitlam Wellness is to help clear up this confusion for you and dispel some of the myths around what proper nutrition really looks like. We all struggle with food in one form or another, you are not alone in this battle. In working with our nutritionist we can help you lose or gain weight, increase your energy and performance, normalize your digestion, improve your sleep and mental function, regulate your hormones…..the list goes on. It is also important to incorporate nutritional support into any healing protocol. Whether you are dealing with fatigue, diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, anxiety, depression or arthritis, along with many other health concerns, we can help you to gain a new sense of empowerment in your body. Offering a compassionate and detailed approach we will learn your specific needs and can tailor an eating plan that will help you achieve optimal results.

How does a Nutritionist differ from a Dietitian?

belly-button-athleteDietitian spend many years in school learning about the body and its functions, their approach heavily weighted on the government regulated Canadian Food Guide. While the influence of balance in a diet is important, we at Coquitlam Wellness Center believe that there is not one “diet” for everyone. The word “diet” in itself implies restriction which can take us into a negative spiral. We understand that each and every person has individual differences and needs that will change the type of fuel required for your lifestyle. Our approach uses healthy and whole foods to keep you nourished and full of life. We believe in treating the whole person, in sourcing the root cause of your struggles rather than its surface manifestation. In diving below the surface we will work together in a way that will create lasting results costing you less in the long term.