Move Well

moving-wellHave you been injured by unforeseeable events? Are you experiencing chronic pain? Have poor posture? Lack mobility and full range of motion? Or simply feel that your fitness results need improvement?

Are you uncertain of what defines good movement and what it means to MOVE WELL? Want to learn how the quality of your movement directly coincides with your ability to LIVE WELL?

Don’t be afraid you’re not alone, it’s estimated that 4 out of 5  North American’s suffer from poor posture and movement patterns and many are not even aware of them. This dysfunction will inevitably lead to some form of pain or injury and directly affect the quality of their lives. Worse yet, statistics show that the number one cause of injury is, believe it or not, previous injury. In fact, in one particular study previous injury was found to be three times more likely to re-injure then the next cause on the list, asymmetries and up to seven times more likely then the third and fourth, motor control problems and being over weight. What this is telling us is that injuries and pain can lead to a vicious cycle of more injuries and more pain if not dealt with correctly. The primary reason for this is that once pain subsides, people generally go about their day to day lives and don’t realize that their movement patterns have changed. These changes in moment and function can cause imbalances, further mobility restrictions, asymmetries and stability issues that in turn cause further postural problems and injury over time. This is why it is absolutely essential to seek treatment for pain and injuries as well as to learn to MOVE WELL.

Learning to move well will:

  • Eliminate pain
  • Prevent injuries
  • Improve posture
  • Optimize function
  • Increase performance

Movement is often defined as “a particular manner or style of moving”…. sounds simple right? But the complexities of human movement are robust and continue to be debated among the top scientist and educators of our time. At the Coquitlam Wellness Centre we take an integrated approach to improving movement over time and utilize highly scrutinized, evidenced based therapies and care.  Our approach to moving well can be defined in 3 stages.

Stage 1: Resolving pain

In the first stage of care, our practitioners will work to resolve any injuries and associated pain that the patient is experiencing, utilizing manual therapies and evidenced based care.

Stage 2: Preventing further injury

In the second stage of care our primary focus will be to “undo” any dysfunction that has been brought about because of your injury and associated pain. This includes assessing and correcting mobility restrictions, motor control issues, asymmetries and imbalances. In essence, you will learn to MOVE WELL so that you can get to the bottom of your pain and dysfunctions and prevent further problems from arising.

Stage 3: Living well

In the third stage of care our goal is to build fitness and performance on top of a solid foundation of moving well. At this time the patient is generally referred to one of our world-class strength and conditioning coaches and they work in conjunction to make the patients performance and life better than it ever was prior to getting injured in the first place.

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