Performance Stretch Class: 10:15am Every Sunday

This class is taught by Tara Hawkin, one of our Registered Massage Therapist and resident Ki-hara Resistance Stretching trainer. Though she normally works one on one with her clients, Tara designed this class to bring Ki-hara to the people. This class is all levels, any of the movements can be modified for your comfort and ability. Ki-hara Resistance Stretching focusses on strengthening as well as stretching so you will always leave feeling like you’ve had a great workout.

Each class begins with a 10 minute warm up combining a sun salutation yoga flow with a few of the easier Ki-Hara stretches. We then move on to core strengthening or rolling two or three major muscle groups before moving into the more specific  resistance stretches. Each class is finished with 5 minutes of quiet focused breathing.

This energizing series allows you to:

  • Introduce your body to a new way of working out that is unique, effective, challenging and fun.
  • Isolate and engage individual muscle groups helping to create a heightened connection throughout your entire body.
  • Learn to stretch with contracted muscle creating a stronger, more stable and flexible body.


Contact to register or for more details.

PS please bring a mat and foam roller if you have one.