Jeff Kellerman, RMT

Jeff Kellerman is a Lower Mainland native as he is originally from Maple Ridge, BC. He has spent the last ten years living in West Kelowna and then graduated from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in 2017. It was here that he developed his passion for working with people inclined to restore and maintain their active and healthy lifestyle.

Because of his athletic background in weight lifting and many other sports, Jeff understands the toll that sports can take on one’s body regardless if they are pro athletes or weekend warriors. The more he has worked with high-level athletes the more he has learned that there must be a balance between manual therapy as well as self-care in order to perform at an optimal level, and this is evident in his treatments.

Jeff’s treatment style focuses on first determining the root cause of the problem, using myofascial release manual therapy to address the issues and prescribing individualized stability and mobility exercises for lasting results.

Jeff has been drawn back to the lower mainland for the green forests, the short drive to the ocean, and the friends who he grew up with. When he is not at work, he will likely be found somewhere pursing his passion for sport by weight lifting, downhill mountain biking, downhill skiing, or hiking. He is beyond excited to learn what Coquitlam and the surrounding areas have to offer.