fastfoodscaleWelcome to our 40 day #bfitlovelife wellness challenge. Stating on September 15th to October 23rd, willing participants will be challenged to track their food, water and exercise with the intention of creating sustainable wellness in their lives. Want to join the challenge? Click HERE to join by becoming a member of our Facebook #bfitlovelife wellness challenge group. It’s just that simple. This challenge really is perfect for anyone as we have created 3 tiers for you to join in as, depending on where you are currently at and where you would like to get to.  Is the concept of wellness new to you? No problemo, join is as part of our “Jump Start” crew. Already have a decent level of commitment to your health and wellbeing, but looking for a little more accountability? Our “Committed” crowd is a great place for you. Looking to really push your nutrition and fitness level to to top? You are definitely cut out to be one of our “Rock Stars”.

Each tier will designate different allowable foods to eat. You can download the rules in a PDF in the Facebook group. The goal is to have a total point value of ZERO at the end of the challenge.  If you follow the rules you will start and stay at a zero. Each time you fall off track you will gain 1-5 points.  This goes for food, water and exercise, as well as a requirement to post to our Facebook group daily.  It’s no secret that there is power in numbers, by sharing wins, struggles and experiences creates a true community where we can come together and experience wellness together! Camaraderie, sharing, relationships, these are the things that make experiences worth having. You can also find the general rules and points value system for download in the Facebook group.

Each week our challenge administrator Andrea (me) will post to the Facebook group requesting rout total point accumulation (or lack there of) for the week. Please comment to this post with your numbers. This part is REALLY IMPORTANT! in order for me to effectively be able to track all of the participants points they must come together in one place. Please do not create you own post stating your points, rather simply comment to the post that I create asking for your submission. Capish?

At the end of the 40 days each participant will be eligible to win based on who has the lowest number of points……with one small catch. One of the rules requests that your journal daily about your experience. This can be as simple as a :-) or in written word expressing how your infraction of eating that bowl of ice-cream made you feel crappy, not just because it gained you a point, but true physical and mental :-(  Upon completion of this challenge not only your points will be ranked, but you will also be required to submit a short essay based on your experience and journal entries. Why you ask? Great question. Mindfulness. Without being mindful of what we are doing we must ask ourselves why then are we even doing it in the first place. By writing down your daily experiences and then collaborating them into a short essay you will really be able to reflect upon why wellness is so important and how it has impacted you for the better, creating a sustainable and healthier lifestyle :)


Peas and Love, Andrea

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