Dallas Genereux, RMT

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Dallas has had the pleasure of working with a variety of patients with different conditions in multiple settings, including working with the varsity sports teams at UBC, patients with neurological conditions at George Pearson Center, patients with MS and Parkinson’s in WCCMT’s SPEC program, and pre/post-natal care with women at the student clinic in New Westminster.

As a registered massage therapist he is well trained in a variety of Swedish and non-Swedish massage techniques. Dallas’ massage style tends to focus on deep tissue muscle manipulations and the treatment of intra-muscular fascia. That being said, his “technique toolbelt” also includes much more, such as trigger point release, fascial release, and joint mobilizations.

Dallas chose a carrier path in massage therapy out of a deep value for science and tangible results, after experiencing just that from receiving massages himself. He has an internal intention to keep and push his profession in that direction and provide the most efficient and effective treatments and exercise prescriptions based on current literature.