Ran Shpanya

Ran is a dedicated physiotherapist who obtained his Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) from Sydney, Australia, and boasts over a decade of extensive experience in personal training. With a robust background in both physiotherapy and personal training, Ran has adeptly catered to a diverse clientele spanning from adolescents to older adults. His expertise extends to treating athletes across various disciplines including basketball, soccer, field hockey, swimming, figure skating, and track and field.

Throughout his career, Ran has demonstrated proficiency in addressing a spectrum of conditions ranging from acute musculoskeletal ailments to chronic issues.  Particularly passionate about chronic pain management and facilitating return to work or sport, Ran employs a patient-centric approach, integrating evidence-based practices and active rehabilitation techniques. His treatment methodologies are custom-tailored to align with each patient’s unique goals, fostering collaboration and empowering individuals to achieve optimal wellness and functional capabilities.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Ran values quality time with loved ones and maintains an active lifestyle through engagement in the gym, sports, and outdoor activities like hiking.