Coquitlam Wellness Centre Chiropractic Services

When people think of chiropractors, what often comes to mind? For many it’s usually a 5-10 minute snap, crackle, pop adjustment providing initial relief of acute back pain. At Coquitlam Wellness Centre we offer so much more than that. Our sessions are a minimum of 20 minutes and our chiropractors utilize a wide variety of treatment modalities including myofascial release therapy, Graston Technique ®, joint mobilization, progressive rehabilitation, movement assessments, as well as spinal adjustments. Our care is personalized to meet your exact needs and we strive to stay away from the “one size fits all” approach of many dated treatment theories. Our expert ability to understand your specific needs and craft an effective treatment strategy will maximize results and minimize overall cost.

How do we compare to some other chiropractors or practitioners?

Many chiropractors commonly suggest seemingly endless, high frequency plans that are primarily focused on short term relief of pain and a single modality of treatment (spinal adjustments). While chiropractic adjustments have been proven as an effective treatment modality for back pain, at the Coquitlam Wellness Centre our chiropractors go a step further to find the root cause of pain. We invest time in movement screening and assess the body as a whole rather than only addressing acute pain. This allows us to discover the root cause of the problem and provide short and long term relief as well as mitigate overall cost.

Other practitioners often focus on passive care such as electrical modalities and ultrasound to treat the symptoms of your problems. Although these treatments can prove effective, the scientific literature and evidence supporting them is limited and highly anecdotal. We practice evidenced based manual therapies that have greater success rates and are backed with far more supporting evidence.