Thank You For Your Interest In Our Job Posting

Chiropractor wanted, full-time or part-time, new grads welcome

The Opportunity:

If you are a licensed Chiropractor looking to relocate or a new grad, soon to be licensed, we have a tremendous opportunity for you. We can guarantee income, provide formal guidance and mentorship for both hard and soft skills, and ensure a variety of growth opportunities for the future. 

Our senior female Chiropractor is relocating. As a former partner of the clinic, she is willing to stay as long as needed, ensuring a seamless transition of her full caseload. She has developed close relationships with her patients and continuity of care is a top priority for her. We anticipate the transition taking place over the next 1-3 months. 

We welcome both new grads and relocating therapists to apply. 

Our Culture: 

We prioritize having fun, team gatherings, consistent personal and professional development, and an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Authenticity is a must for us. All our practitioners must walk the talk, practicing daily movement themselves, carving out time for self-care, cultivating healthy lifestyle habits, and showing up to our events or development sessions to help foster relationships within our awesome team of professionals. 

The Caseload:

The caseload has been developed over the past decade. It has thousands of patients, many of which are seeking active care and maintenance treatment plans, providing an oversubscribing workload each week. 

The diverse range of patients is appealing to any therapist and is composed of competitive athletes, pregnancy and postpartum, children, weekend warriors and of course, desk jockeys! Each day you’ll be met with motivated patients with interesting presentations of pain, complex cases, and a friendly caseload that is extremely grateful for your care. 

The caseload is receptive to both active and passive care. Patient education has been a top priority. They will be understanding and receptive to a variety of treatment planning. Perhaps most importantly, they are fun to work with and will welcome a new practitioner that aligns with our values of patient centred care. 

Growth Opportunities: 

Our vision for both the clinic and the practitioners offers many opportunities for growth including; additional compensation for mentorship roles, residual income streams, and the possibility of future partnership within our growing organization.  


Given the applicant is the right fit, we can offer both a guaranteed hourly remuneration or a commission based remuneration. We would also entertain a combination of both. 

We can say with confidence, it is unlikely that a better financial opportunity exists elsewhere. 


No matter where you are at in your career, whether just getting started or a seasoned veteran looking to relocate, we can help with mentorship. Our formal mentorship seeks to accomplish the following outcomes: 

  • Enhancing your assessments, manual therapy, and active care repertoire, boosting your confidence during every patient interaction.
  • How to consistently keep your caseload oversubscribed by delivering exceptional care and formally asking for referrals.
  • How to keep your self-discharge rate under 15%.
  • How to communicate and answer the magic questions every patient wants answered at the initial Ax “how long will it take until i’m out of pain?”.
  • How to use our treatment plan tools and prescribing a complete plan of care.


Our Clinic: 

We are an established multidisciplinary, evidence based, sport therapy clinic. We are housed in a massive 7300sq ft facility, complete with squat racks, functional training equipment, and showers and change rooms. We are located in beautiful Coquitlam, BC. Our integrated team is composed of Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, RMT, Kinesiology, and Professional Preventative Healthcare Coaching. 

What we expect from our professionals: 

  1. Patient centred care must be a top priority for you. We are looking for someone who is genuinely caring and passionate about improving the lives of their patients.
  1. Your treatment style must be diversified with an interest in functional movement and rehab. If you are a new grad we can provide formal mentorship but you must possess a willingness to refine both your manual and active skills.  
  1. A dedication to constant improvement. Hunger for wisdom. Never stop trying to be better. Read books, attend courses, watch videos, find mentors, and continually seek opportunities for personal and professional development.
  1. An ability to deliver beyond what’s expected of them. Good treatment is not good enough, make it awesome, so awesome that people talk about it.
  1. To be authentic leaders, practicing what they preach and inspiring others to optimize their health.

6.To be fearless and courageous when facing challenges, change, or rejection.

  1. To have fun, to find ways to turn work into play.
  1. To be a good person, love unconditionally. Be kind. Give more.
  1. To accept responsibility and give no excuses. Recognize there are no failures, only opportunities to learn.
  1. To be willing to work hard, showing up energized, ready to help inspire others.

You’ll want to work for us if: 

You are a passionate therapist that’s interested in working in a Sport Therapy environment. One with an awesome culture who values fitness, health, and having fun.

You are ready to absorb a caseload of patients who have a great attitude and are genuinely interested in reducing their pain.

You get excited by the thought of ongoing mentorship… without feeling like someone is micromanaging you and breathing down your neck. 

You want to work at a clinic that cares, honoring the code of your profession, who’s focused on patient results and practitioner fulfillment, while ensuring your physical and mental health remains a top priority. A clinic where you can make over $100K/year as a professional, without burning out or working more than 30 hours per week. A clinic that will invest in you and provide guaranteed income. A clinic with a diverse team, who collaborate, share patients, and have earned the local respect of our community through compassionate care and education based therapy.

We are accepting resumes and interviews will begin immediately. Apply today.