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Our therapists only work with one patient at a time. You’ll have their undivided attention. 

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Our Synergistic Method

Our unique approach to care designed to effectively eliminate pain & unlock your genetic potential. 

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No need to go anywhere else; we have Physio, Chiro, RMT, Kin, & Lifestyle Coaches. We ensure you’re paired with the correct practitioner at the correct time. 


Dr. Casey Gero:

Dr. Gero is an evidence-based practitioner who believes in an inclusive and patient centred approach to health care. She utilizes her extensive training to deliver high-quality chiropractic care, implementing a variety of techniques including diversified adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and rehabilitation exercises. Her goal is to empower patients through education to achieve a more active, healthy and pain free lifestyle.

Who Does She Treat?

Most often, Dr. Gero is treating everyday people that suffer from aches and pains. She also works with elite athletes and dozens of high level fitness competitors. She works with numerous families, treating moms, dads, and kids of all ages.

What You Can Expect:

It’s starts with discovery. At CWC we offer much more than a standard 5 minute chiropractic adjustment. Our therapist start each session listening to you, learning more about your goals and your body. During your initial session you’ll have up to an hour to work one-on-one with your therapist. With your consent, you will also receive hands-on treatment in your initial session; starting the healing process and move you towards your goals. Finally, you will leave with a comprehensive treatment plan, helping to ensure the elimination of your pain and optimization of your body.

Dr. Casey Gero is not only a knowledgeable chiropractor, but is willing to share that knowledge so that you can work on yourself outside of the sessions. She always asked if I had any questions, and took the moment to teach me how to do the exercises and stretches correctly. This is not a 5-minute crack and bye type of session. It’s a let’s check how your body is doing, crack/push and question type of session. Really helped facilitate my health journey. – Su Jin Song

“Hi! When I first walked into CWC I wasn’t sure if I was going to recover. I suffered a pretty severe neck injury that caused me great physical pain, discomfort coupled with a great deal of anxiety an depression. The bed side manner coupled with a hands-on approach to supporting my recovery are a HUGE reason why I am on track for a full recovery. CWC helped me to change my movement patterns, my outlook on exercise and how to prepare properly. To say I’m satisfied with the support, the service and encouragement would be an understatement!”* – Todd Ware

“For well over a year I had been trying to figure out what was wrong with my shoulders, without success. I had a very limited range of motion in my shoulders and was experiencing pain when I moved the wrong way.  I went to CWC and was diagnosed on the first visit – adhesive capsulitis aka frozen shoulder. Within four to five visits I had my range of motion back and no more pain. I am thrilled with the results and would highly recommend CWC to anyone who has this problem.”* – Nancy Page

“I have tried many different treatments over the years to deal with migraine headaches. Working with CWC has made a huge difference by not only drastically reducing the number of headaches I have but also increasing my overall mobility. This is chiro as you have never experienced it!”* – Cassandra Boone

*Individual results may vary.


This combination of therapy is backed by empirical evidence and often produces a lasting resolution of pain.

“Dr Casey is wonderful!!!!!! I have treatments with her for 2 months and the situation has been improved significantly! I can’t do all that without her and you should really make the commitment to see her and trust her if you plan to find a Chiro who really helps you along the way with tools!”* – Li Vicky

“I had tried massage, chiro and acupuncture for years in past and received little result so I decided to give it a shot. CWC diagnosed my injury quickly and helped me to resolve my pain. I noticed a vast improvement very shortly afterward with a treatment plan and exercises that I could work do on my own between sessions. CWC put the power in my hands and helped me to heal. Unlike past experiences what they said made sense and put the power in my hands to work on my own health instead of many costly visits waiting for the promises of better mobility and less pain to come around but inevitably fail.  CWC has been professional, effective and up front, I highly recommend Coquitlam Wellness Center to anyone sick of living with pain.”* – Bill Forest


The CanWest Games are Canada’s largest functional fitness event, hosting thousands of athletes and spectators. CWC is a proud supporter and holds the distinctive title as “the official therapists of the CanWest Games”.



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