Kelvin Tu, Physiotherapy

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Hello! My name is Kelvin Tu. I have been a practicing physiotherapist since 2014 when I graduated at University of Manitoba with my Masters of Physical Therapy degree. I have always had an active lifestyle and love working with people who are motivated to improve their health and wellness. I pride myself on providing my patients with knowledge on how to understand their bodies and how to manage themselves in a way that will allow their body to rehabilitate from their injuries. I have completed my Level 1 and 2 Orthopaedics. I also provide Functional Dry Needling for my patients. I have had experience working with everyone from athletes to patients with chronic pain syndromes. I have seen patients from all ages and conditions. I have experience working with dancers at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet where we used dance specific assessments to address their needs.

I have a passion for dancing and I teach dance classes weekly. I have been part of competitive teams and have traveled to many places around Canada, as well as USA, and Mexico for competitions.