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Established Multidisciplinary Clinic Seeking A Passionate Registered Massage Therapist To Assume A Relocating Therapist’s Oversubscribed Caseload. 

This Is A Rare Opportunity To Skyrocket Your Career. You’ll Be Working With A  Fully Established, Highly Desirable Spot Therapy Caseload While Collaborating With Our Amazing Team Composed Of Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Kinesiologists, Health Coaches, Certified Nutritionists, and Of Course, RMTs. 

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Are you a passionate therapist that’s interested in working in a Sport Therapy environment? One with an awesome culture who values fitness, health, and having fun?

Are you excited by the thought of ongoing mentorship… without feeling like someone is micromanaging you and breathing down your neck?

Do you want to work with patients who have a great attitude and are genuinely interested in reducing their pain while improving their performance… without having to worry about marketing, running ads, and recruiting them?

How about secured income, and a guaranteed salary?

If so, you’ll want to apply for a position with CWC Sport Therapy located in the Tri-Cities. This is a rare opportunity. One of our therapists is relocating to Whistler BC and we need a replacement therapist to assume their caseload. The caseload itself is highly desirable and fun to work with. It’s primarily composed of an active population seeking sport therapy. You’ll be met with a variety of injuries and presentations of pain, keeping you highly engaged and curious throughout your days. And you’ll collaborate with our diverse team of therapists, participating in inter-discipline referral. Finally, you’ll be guaranteed tremendous compensation. This caseload is currently oversubscribed, you’ll be able to work as much or as little as you want.  

You will want to work with us if you are looking for….

  • A clinic that cares, honoring the code of your profession, who’s focused on patient results and practitioner fulfillment, while ensuring your physical and mental health remains a top priority.
  • A clinic where you can make over $100K/year as a professional, without burning out or working more than 30 billable hours per week.
  • A clinic that supports your growth as a practitioner, offering formalized mentorship sessions; helping you to refine your skills and improve your competency, without micromanaging you or looking over your shoulder every minute.
  • A clinic that has proven marketing systems to attract desirable patients, ensuring you don’t have to worry about advertising and can focus on what you do best, delivering patient results.
  • A clinic that will invest in you and provide guaranteed income.
  • An established clinic with a diverse team, who collaborate, share patients, and have earned the local respect of our community through compassionate care and education based therapy.
  • A clinic who will help you nurture your unique talents while building an oversubscribed practice of highly compliant patients.

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Want to learn more? Let’s start with what makes us unique; Our “Synergistic Method”™

The Synergistic Method™ is our unique approach to care at CWC Sport Therapy. With it we ensure our clients receive the best possible treatment; that their pain will be gone quickly; and that they’re more likely to live an awesome life.

The Synergistic Method is composed of three core components:

  • Our unique delivery of sport therapy that combines detailed assessments, evidenced-based manual therapies, and functional movements. This winning combination is backed by empirical evidence and produces superior results.
  • We facilitate patient flow between each of our professional disciplines and encourage collaboration among our diverse team, guaranteeing that each patient is paired with the correct practitioner at the correct time.
  • We provide preventative maintenance programs and ensure long-term adherence to our prescriptions via our LIVEFIT adventures and social outings.

Together, these core components produce a synergistic result that is greater than the sum of their parts.

Learn about one of our core beliefs: T.E.A.M.

T..E.A..M. is one of our core philosophies at CWC. It’s an acronym that stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. It’s our constant reminder that each of our disciplines and treatment styles are of value and that no one discipline trumps them all.

By combining the experience and education of all our professionals and encouraging open communication and patient flow, we are able to craft treatment plans that produce lasting results and help to eliminate pain effectively and efficiently.

Learn about our facility:

Our massive 7300 Sq Ft facility is fully equipped with 4 treatment rooms, 2 waiting areas, 1 reception area, 4 bathrooms, 2 change rooms, and a fully equipped functional fitness gym.

Does reading this make you excited at the possibility of working with us? If so, this is what we expect from our professionals:

  1. A dedication to constant improvement. Hunger for wisdom. Never stop trying to be better. Read books, attend courses, watch videos, find mentors, and continually seek opportunities for personal and professional development. Finally, teach what you learn to others, conceptualizing and internalizing your thoughts and ideas.
  2. An ability to deliver beyond what’s expected of them. Good treatment is not good enough, make it awesome, so awesome that people talk about it.
  3. To be authentic leaders, practicing what they preach and inspiring others through their own actions.

4.To be courageous when facing challenges, change, or rejection. Don’t let fear stop you, use it to motivate you.

  1. To love unconditionally. Be kind. Give more. Be a good person.
  2. To accept responsibility and give no excuses. Recognize there are no failures, only opportunities to learn.
  3. To have fun but be willing to work hard, showing up energized, ready to help others.
  4. To show you care. Genuine care for your patients and teammates is often more important than your education or experience.

Summary of why you want to work with us:

  • Mentorship and practitioner development, without micromanagement.
  • A professional wage and guaranteed income, without burnout.
  • Steady inflow of new patients, without worrying about advertising.
  • Athletic population with intriguing cases, who are compliant and wanting to improve their health.
  • Fun culture, awesome social life, while focusing on continuous improvement.
  • Full time front desk staff support including booking appointments, billing and laundry.
  • A diverse team that supports each other and promotes cross referral.
  • Proven marketing and business systems.

Required Qualifications:

  • An active license and liability insurance

Learn more about us…

Our purpose: Inspire an awesome life for all stakeholders of CWC; patients, practitioners, and investors.

Our mission: Deliver compassionate health care, through a unified team-based approach, to make the lives of others AWESOME.

Our how: Manual therapy + functional movement

We’re looking for the best of the best, those that pursue excellence. If you think you would be the perfect fit for our team, please email us your CV.

We are accepting resumes and interviews will begin immediately.

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