Hero Story: George’s Car Accident Recovery

At Coquitlam Wellness Centre, we believe that everyone deserves to live their best life, free from pain and limitations. That’s why we’re thrilled to share the success story of George Robinson, a 63-year-old man who had never exercised before and was struggling with shoulder and neck pain after a car accident.

“I was driving my car. It was the classic dark and rainy night. The vehicle up ahead of me had a sudden stop, so I had enough room that I could hit the brakes and stop, but the person behind me couldn’t. So I was rear ended and experienced some real shoulder and neck pain, and it really hurt.”

George came to us seeking relief through our physiotherapy and chiropractic services. While these treatments were effective, he was surprised to learn that movement and exercise could also help alleviate his pain. With the guidance of our one-on-one coaches, he was able to ease into a fitness routine that worked for him and his body.

“So I looked for a place that could help me that was close by with physiotherapy and chiropractic and CWC Sports Therapy came up. So I went to the chiropractic and the physiotherapy that they have here, which is excellent. And then I saw what was happening here at Rocky Point Fitness Club and I thought, I can relate to these people.”

As George became more comfortable in the gym, he also found a sense of community and support among his fellow gym-goers. He was inspired by people of all ages and abilities working together towards their goals, and he felt encouraged to push himself further than he ever thought possible.

“I also asked other people around me, hey, tell me a little bit about what we’re doing today, because I’m a little unsure. And people love to help you. They love to show you, they love to talk to you about it. The community was so inviting. You just could walk up to anybody and say, hey, I’m George, I’m new here. How does this work? I saw people of different abilities, different age ranges, but they all had the same vision of being better this week than they were last week.”

Now, 20 months later, George is not only pain-free but thriving. He’s able to keep up with his hiking group and play with his 18-month-old grandson with ease. He’s gained confidence and strength in all areas of his life, and he’s excited to see what else he can achieve.

“When I came in, I really lacked confidence. And so gyms were intimidating to me. So I would say to someone considering this, this is the opposite. This is like it becomes a family and we’re all part of the family and to be a little bit better. So this is an easy place, easy place to join if you’re hurting. The coach will work with you specifically to modify it so you’re getting benefit, but not being hurt. They understand the excellence in the coaching is top rate.”

If you’re struggling with pain or lack of confidence, we invite you to join our family at Coquitlam Wellness Centre. Our top-rated clinicians, best-in-class coaches and supportive community are here to help you become your best self, both physically and mentally. Don’t wait – start your journey towards a happier, healthier life today.

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