Hero Story: Keanna’s Journey

After a five car accident left Keanna in pain and unhappy with her general fitness level, she sought treatment at CWC Sports Therapy in Coquitlam. “It was actually just one of the places that was close to work for me, had lots of availability within the clinic for what I needed after the car accident,” she says.

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Keanna began with massage therapy and chiropractic care at CWC. “With CWC, you could definitely take what was happening, what the practitioners were saying, and even apply some methods at home. They teach you the optimal stretches for the areas that you need to work on either that week or in long term,” she notes.

As her physical therapy progressed, Keanna found herself drawn to the supportive community at our partner company, Rocky Point Fitness. “I was coming here, seeing everyone come into the gym and be super happy and healthy and excited to be here, seeing the camaraderie amongst the people, and it kind of just sucks you in in a way,” she says. Over time, her physical therapy team collaborated with the coaching team at Rocky Point Fitness in working together towards her goals.

“Thanks to CWC and RPF I’m down 30lbs and capable of things I never imagined. Starting this journey, I never could have imagined this is where I would be physically a year later.”

Keanna’s gap between rehab and fitness was bridged with some personalized one-on-one training with Coach Carol. “We basically sat down, had initial talk, Carol and I, about what my goals kind of were, what I was doing for myself already, and then kind of obviously, my commitment level to getting where I wanted to be, because you can have goals and everything like that, but without that plan, without those checkpoints, you might not get there,” she explains.

Transitioning to group classes at Rocky Point Fitness provided even more support. “I would say in what makes Rocky Point Fitness a little bit more unique, especially in terms of the class settings here, the coaches walk through the group and you take the time to correct each person’s movement to make sure that they’re doing it without potentially harming themselves,” Keanna notes.

In closing, Keanna encourages others to take that first step at CWC. “Just do it. If you’re going to procrastinate and wait, you’re just going to be unhappy for that little much longer or that sore for that little much longer. Easier said than done for some. For most, myself included, it’s like that consistency that showing up for yourself, putting in that little work every little bit of the day makes it so much easier,” she says.

“The rest of the day is so much easier. Getting out of bed in the morning is that much easier. I do warehousing for work, so lifting at work all day is that much easier. Driving, commuting that much easier just by putting in that little bit more effort to make sure your body’s happy.”

If you’re looking for supportive physical therapy and a caring fitness community, consider taking your first step at CWC Sports Therapy. Our professional team will help you resolve pain and build the foundation required for improved fitness. As you move beyond pain, we’ll collaborate with our partner company Rocky Point Fitness and craft a personalized plan that will optimize your health, happiness, and long-term physical freedom. 

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